Cardiology PACS
PicomEnterprise™ is an intelligent, scalable, web-based platform for cardiovascular image and information management. Whether your needs are for a single segment such as echocardiography, or a department wide implementation, ScImage has the right solutions.


Anywhere access for cardiovascular viewing, quantification and reporting.

ScImage offers a complete and formidable toolset for clinical echocardiography. Our web-enabled tandem of imaging and reporting provide superior accessibility to your current and prior measurements and relevant clinical data.

Our PicomEnterprise platform offers process efficiencies by automating the collection and presentation of data. Considering, this data includes measurements from the modality, observations from the technologist or baseline data points from the prior echo report. Our platform helps shorten the multi-step reporting process.

  • Automatic measurement capture with database and report insertion.
  • Elegant and extensive structured reporting from anywhere.
  • 17 segment wall motion scoring with auto report content updates.
  • Comprehensive measurement tools for 2D and M-mode and doppler.
  • Automated stress-echo viewing protocols.
  • Automatic calculation of pediatric z-scores and normal ranges.
  • Support of enhanced 3D and 4D echo imaging.
  • Built-in voice recognition reporting for summary observations with spell check.
  • Image enabled capability for smart phones and similar devices.

Catheterization Lab
Rapid access to imaging and reporting, with hemodynamic data integration
for a complete procedural picture.

ScImage first delivered digital angiography to the industry in 1991. In the years since, we've developed an institution specific approach to the Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS), recognizing the importance of the hemodynamic system as the center of cath lab workflow.

With the industry's fastest on-demand access to diagnostic imaging and our advanced reporting technologies, ScImage can offer you an impressive combination of clinical workflow tools.

Routine reporting for diagnostic or interventional procedures is greatly enhanced with data capture from the hemodynamic system and incorporating embedded voice recognition.

  • Automatic pre-populating of hemodynamic procedural data into clinical reports.
  • Interactive coronary tree inserts correlative text and diagrams into report findings.
  • Built in quantification tools for LV analysis and ejection fraction.
  • Image enabled capability for smart phones and similar devices.
  • Built-in voice recognition reporting for summary observations with spell check.

Nuclear Cardiology
End-to-End web based visualization, quantification and reporting from anywhere.
Get the full cardiac picture.

Our native PACS viewing application provides Gated SPECT analysis, orthogonal reconstruction with cine mode, and 3D localizer. For advanced visualization and quantification of cardiac perfusion, function and anatomy of nuclear cardiology gated SPECT, ScImage offers the Cedars Sinai Quantitative SPECT product integrated into our PicomEnterprise PACS.

Procedural reporting is built on the same powerful structured reporting platform as our echo reporting, with the same intuitive flow, flexibility and portability.

  • Web-enabled access to all Nuclear Cardiology imaging and reporting tools.
  • Elegant and extensive structured reporting from anywhere.
  • Wall motion scoring with correlative text input into report findings.
  • Cedars Quantitative Gated SPECT for segmentation and quantification.
  • Image enabled capability for smart phones and similar devices.
  • Built-in voice recognition reporting for summary observations with spell check.

Cardiac CT and Cardiac MR
Radiology modalities relevant to cardiology workflow in the same
Cardiovascular Information System.

PicomEnterprise provides over a decade of development expertise in radiology imaging and advanced visualization.

From our foundation in Coronary Calcium Scoring, to our Enterprise PACS today. ScImage can provide a complete solution set for your specific needs.

  • CT, MRI and all other radiology imaging are natively built into our server platform.
  • Hanging protocols to natively display radiology images in the same system with cardiology.
  • Built-in MPR & MIP imaging tools.
  • Built-in voice recognition based reporting with spell check.
  • Image enabled capability for smart phones and similar devices.

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The basis of cardiology. Shouldn't it be the basis for your CVIS?

Your treatment decisions are based on a complex mix of cardiac imaging and clinical data. Why login to multiple systems to get a complete picture? With PicomEnterprise, you don’t have to.

Our PicomECG can be added as a native module to the Cardiology PACS giving you a more complete cardiac record. PicomECG is also based on open standards, allowing you to incorporate ECG carts from multiple vendors.

Like the rest of our Enterprise suite, PicomECG is web-enabled, allowing you to confirm and sign ECG’s from virtually anywhere. Increase diagnostic confidence in interpretations using a full range of investigational tools including automated viewing of priors.

  • Captures raw ECG waveforms and metadata from most cart manufacturers.
  • Provides interactive web access to raw waveforms, editing and measurements.
  • Preference based access to prior ECG's and other prior exams.
  • Efficient workflow with electronic signature.
  • Automated delivery of confirmed ECG's to distribution.
  • Image enabled capability for smart phones and similar devices.
  • Supports DICOM Modality Worklist to devices.

Other Diagnostic Cardiology Procedures
To help you manage your cardiac service line and provide a more complete clinical
cardiac record, ScImage also offers solutions for acquiring non-image based procedures.

From Stress Test ECGs, to Ambulatory (Holter) analysis reports to pacemaker analysis summaries, ScImage offers a host of technologies to automate the process of acquiring and aggregating other non-invasive procedures.

These tools allow for a more complete patient centric view of the cardiac record, providing for more informed clinical decisions.

  • Automated document parsing capability for procedural metadata capture.
  • Document scanning and file object acquisition tools.
  • Brokered HL7 orders or DICOM Modality Worklist to capable external systems.
  • Support of multimedia file objects for inclusion in the electronic patient folder.

Clinical Database
Information is power. Having your data structured and categorized in a relational database
for clinical research and administrative decision support is an invaluable tool.

Our clinical database gathers measurement and demographic data from multiple modalities for statistical reporting and accreditation purposes. Sites may gather data types specific to their environment in support of cross-modality outcomes analysis. This clinical information management module is an open database solution, which allows for limitless customization.

From a statistical reporting standpoint, the system administration console assists in record keeping and reporting for national registry support, such as ICAEL, ICAVL, ICANL, NCDR, CathPCI and STS. This flexible tool helps simplify your continuous quality improvement efforts.