3D Made Effortless!

Map Cherry makes it simple to add 3D to your world.
Empowering you to be creative where you are most effective.

3D Everywhere


Free yourself from confined 3D development. Create beautiful and immersive AR experiences with the platform of your choice.


Add 3D content to your Maps. With native vector map support you can let your imagination run wild.


Mobile VR at your fingertips. Now anyone can create engaging VR experiences. Save time and money by doing it yourself.

Superior Technology

Simple GUI Interface

Map Cherry makes 3D implementation effortless. With an easy and intuitive interface anyone can create beautiful and engaging 3D experiences. Add 3D to your project in 10 min or less.

Multi Platform Support

Windows, Mac, & Linux, Map Cherry offers a seamless experience on all platforms. The Cherry Viewer has 100% cross platform compatibility, empowering you to be creative where you are most effective.

Native Development

With Map Cherry anyone can create rich 3D applications and experiences. Develop in your programming language of choice, with complete Native Support for .NET, Java, C++, & Objective C.

Multi Medium Support

Our powerful technology empowers user to utilize their 3D assets on any virtual medium (AR, VR, & Vector Maps). It's seamless and intuitive, simply choose your desired output medium and hit export.

Map Cherry is FREE! Try it Now.

Amazing Features

Cherry Viewer

Live Preview

The center piece of the Cherry Viewer is the Live Preview window. Make quick adjustments to your 3D objects and immediately see the results.

Drag & Drop

Simply Drag & Drop supported 3D files directly into the Cherry Viewer, make your desired optimizations and export for ready native dvelopment.

Convenient Export

Map Cherry makes the export process painless. Once you're 3D object is ready simply choose the desired platform to export (Android, iOS etc...) and you are done.

Supported Formats

Import new and existing 3D assets directly into Map Cherry. With full support for .FBX, .OBJ, and Collada file extensions.

Easy Tuning

Map Cherry was designed with simplicity & usability in mind. Common sense layout and intuitive features make it the best product for beginners and pro's alike.

Asset Store

Download and share assets for Free. Choose from our growing catalog of 3D models, plugins, templates, and tools to speed up your project development.

Everything is better with 3D!