Born in 1996 as the original supporter’s group to the then-named San Jose Clash.

The San Jose Casbah has existed to support the Bay Area team from its inception, to its various stadium moves, through a name change, a 2-year disappearance from its home, and then back again.  We are a supporter’s group that portrays a beautiful painting of the community that is the San Jose Earthquakes.  Our members come from all walks of life. Individuals.  Families.  Young.  Old.  We cheer from all areas of the stadium with the passion that has seen the Earthquakes through ups, downs, playoffs, Cup titles, and some heartbreaking losses.

We are a non-profit group that strives to give back to the community that loves the San Jose Earthquakes just as much as we do.  We have lent our hands at food banks and homeless shelters.  We have raised funds and gathered needed items for victims of certain recent tragedies.  Our members possess the heart of a soccer fan in everything we do.